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Most claim to love and some profess love but don’t really have the knowledge or the understanding that love has responsibilities. 

  One of the responsibilities of love is, u must allow each other to be themselves, and express themselves freely with being ashamed or embarrassed. Even if he/she says something that doesn’t make any sense to u, it’s ur responsibility if indeed u really love the person, to make sense out of the nonsense statement without shaming the person. 

  U must allow or give room for misunderstanding cos u’re coming from different backgrounds, upbringing, culture in some cases etc. 

Love doesn’t box another into his/her views, and gets offended at any little misunderstanding. U must misunderstand to understand each other with time, when u become one flesh. Remember God is bringing u into one flesh, so the patience of love requires that u’re patience in becoming one flesh. 

  If u’re easily offended in love, u never did really love the person but maybe infatuated, lustful or probably what u thought u will get from the person. 

  Learn the to take responsibility of the one u claim to love and grow more in love. 

  To be continued God willing.

By:  Dawn Daniels

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