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“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem…”
Acts 1:8 KJV

During the sermon in a Sunday Service the pastor was talking about “Soul-Winning”. He challenged the congregation that each one of them must share the gospel with at least one person before the month ends. Clara did not have much chance to meet people often. She was a home-maker. The only person available was her aging father. Clara shared the gospel to him as she heard from the pastor and at the close of her message, her father prayed to commit himself to Jesus Christ. 

Clara was excited because she had never before talked with her father about knowing Jesus Christ personally and preparing for eternity. Her experience reminds us of Jesus’ words to His disciples in Acts 1: 8. He told them that they should be His witnesses in Jerusalem first. Imagine what it meant for the disciples to be witnesses – to speak boldly for Jesus, in front of their own people, their friends and families, who had seen them fail several weeks earlier and then run into hiding!

Dear friends, we too can identify with those disciples, because being a witness to people we know is especially difficult. It would be easier to evangelize someone in an unknown place, someone we might never see again than to witness about Jesus to our relatives who know well our past sins and failures. But as disciples of Jesus we must be ready to evangelize both at home and in other places. 

For many of us, the people we affect most are in our own neighborhood, so we are committed to witness to them. We cannot avoid witnessing in our own community and show excessive interest in people beyond the reach of our personal evangelism. Commitment to outreach and evangelism should begin right where we live.


_Dear Lord, help me to understand that my neighbor who is addicted to alcohol and my friends who live with no belief of eternity are just as lost as people who bow down before foreign gods elsehwere. Help me by the power of Your Spirit to witness for You right where I live. Amen._

By: Pastor Imran John