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“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Genesis 2:24 KJV


Before anything i want you to keep in mind that earthly marriage is or atleast should be a shadow/representation of the spiritual relationship Christ has with the church. The theme scripture has 3 major points to make about marriage that i had never really seen. From a distance i have observed & learned through interaction that had we all known & implemented this scripture in this understanding our marriages would be beautiful.

Now the mere fact that the scripture says “leave father & mother” clearly means Moses who wrote Genesis by God’s inspiration was referring to us & not Adam & Eve because those two had no physical father nor mother. First point: The Hebrew word for “leave” is “azab” which means; to loose, relinquish, commit self, forsake, fortify, leave (destitute, off) , refuse one relationship & enter another. This means whatever relationship previously was more important to you on earth becomes second best to your marriage. This includes one’s: parents, children, relatives, ex, work, sport, boss, friends, habits, games, animal etc forsaking all as secondary relationships to the relationship you have with your spouse.

Now the Hebrew word for “man” is “iysh” which also means “whosoever” This means when the theme scripture says; “Therefore a MAN shall leave… ” it includes women too because it’s not only the male that leaves his parents but the female too leaves hers. The male doesn’t leave his parents to go & stay at the female’s parents’ home with her. No, she too will leave her parents geographically to join the male & make a home. Now the move should not only be geographical but mentally too.

Don’t leave your past best relationships only geographically but still prioritize them as number one mentally. This is what makes one compare his spouse continually to his mum, dad, ex, etc. Which makes one feel like they can never measure up & they end up divorcing or being divorced.

My father i thank you for the revelation of your word brings great light in me. Today I am made a good mate for my spouse for i forsake all other relationships as secondary to my marriage. I marry(ied) for the right reasons & my marriage relationship is only second to the one I have with you Lord. I esteem my spouse highly to the glory of your name through Christ Jesus.  Amen.

I am a good mate.

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