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“A generous man will prosper. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed” Proverbs 11:25 KJV

Sir John Laing had a family business which achieved international fame for integrity and skill in the building industry. He was a Christian giving away a great deal of his fortune for God’s work. Because of his generosity many new churches were built in 1940s in London. Millions of pounds passed through his hands. When he finally died, in his ninety-ninth year, his net personal asset was just 371 pounds! He had practised generosity all his life.

In the Bible, even Abraham always viewed his possessions lightly. When Abraham came out of Egypt he brought with him a great wealth including a large number of livestock. Lot who was with Abraham also had large flocks and herds. And so they found the land was insufficient to accommodate all of them. 

Hence, Abraham said to Lot, “Is not the whole land before you? Let us part company. If you go to the left, I will go to the right. If you go to the right, I will go to the left.” We know that the land actually belonged to Abraham and we would expect Lot to say to his uncle with all humility that he only should determine the matter. Lot should have said, “It’s not for me to make choice in a land that is wholly yours. Choose for yourself and allot to me what is right.” But he had none of the generosity of Abraham. Instead, he traded his uncle’s magnanimity and chose all the plains of Jordan because in his eyes it was the richest part of the land. 

As for Abraham he walked by faith and not by sight. He who had the very calling to own the land, freely allowed Lot to choose the best of it. He believed that God who promised to give him the land would give it in His own way and that his part was to act uprightly and mercifully. No sooner had he allowed Lot to choose his portion God gave him assurance that the whole land would be his. Dear friends, let us also be cheerful and generous givers.


_Dear Lord, let me not fix my eyes on wealth and possessions and put in all my efforts to hoard them for myself. Let me be a generous giver. Let me accept wholeheartedly whatever You have assigned for me. Let me not be covetous but trust that You will always give me the best. Amen._

By: Pastor Imran John