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HANNAH SAID remember me, JABEZ said bless me, DAVID said create in me, HAGAR said don’t let me see death, the CENTURION said speak the word only, HEZEKIAH said I beseech thee, Blind BARTIMAEUS said have mercy on me and the CANAANITE woman said help me. THEY all prayed directly to GOD, and got a direct answer that day. Do you need your mind blown today? Do you need a direct HIT from GOD? A Suddenly? 


GOD IS GETTING READY TO DO A “SUDDENLY” in your life. The thing you prayed for, is getting ready to come to Pass. You’ll be sitting There, and Suddenly it will Manifest Right before Your Eyes. You won’t know What to do with yourself. Your Answer is NIGH Thee. Watch for it, not many Days From Now in the name of Jesus Christ.