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Yesterday’s morning while before the Lord in worship, I heard Him said to me ‘Wear the Aroma of Forgiveness’. I quickly ran a check thru my life, I had done it earlier and I confessed the unknown sins, presumptioussins etc and went into prayers but that word stayed with me all day and thru into the night.

  As I began meditating on the word, I got the understanding that I need to forgive some people in my life who I thought I had forgiven. And the Lord explained the meaning of that word. To be forgiven by God and to forgiven others is the SWEET AROMA OF FORGIVENESS and this AROMA is Christ JESUS HIMSELF.

 Constantly, we need to run a check in our hearts if we have indeed forgiven those who had deeply hurt and got us all broken within.

Everyday, we encounter men and women, some maybe annoying, some good and some maybe irritating and some of these maybe registered in our subconscious mind, unknowing to us. So we need to ask the Holy Spirit everyday to help us by phishing out those we need to forgive and as  and He brings them to light, release them and ur heart to Him in forgiveness.

 Daily we must not forget to wear the Sweet Aroma of forgiveness for it unblocks the blocked doors of many sides blessings of God wades off the evil away from us. HAPPY CLOTHING!!!

Written By: Dawn Daniels