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“And the LORD, he it is that does go before you; he will be with you, he will not fail you, neither forsake you: fear not, neither be dismayed“ (Deuteronomy 31:8).

When we are in adversity or distress, God repeatedly tells us not to be afraid because He is always with us. He never ignores those He wants to save. Instead, He is protecting and caring for them. Just as when Joseph was very young, he was sold to Egypt by his brothers. Many years later, because of Joseph, his father’s family of over seventy people in total survived the famine which lasted for seven years. As a matter of fact, all we need to experience in our life has been preordained by God. In the meantime, God is protecting us at our side at all times. 

God says, “First, He selects a family for you; what kind of background the family has, who your parents are, who your ancestors are—all this was already decided by God. In other words, these were not spur of the moment decisions made by Him, but rather this was a work begun long ago. Once God has chosen a family for you, He also chooses the date on which you will be born.

Presently, God watches as you are born crying into the world, watches your birth, watches as you utter your first words, watches as you stumble and toddle your first steps, learning how to walk. First you take one step and then you take another … now you can run, now you can jump, now you can talk, now you can express your feelings.

During this time, as man grows up, Satan’s gaze is fixed on every one of them, like a tiger eyeing its prey. But in doing His work, God has never suffered any limitations of people, events or things, of space or time; He does what He should and does what He must. In the process of growing up, you may encounter many things that are not to your liking, encounter illnesses and frustrations.

But as you walk this road, your life and your future are strictly under God’s care. God gives you a genuine guarantee to last all your life, for He is right there beside you, guarding you and looking after you.” 

From God’s words, we can see that God’s love for man is true and real. At any time, in any environment, do not fear, just believe, and entrust everything of us to God, allowing Him to lead us through every day.