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What if the trouble you face is simply a gift from God?  What?? How can that be??

“I hate how little money we’re making right now” 

“I can’t get out of bed in the morning”

“I’m afraid to answer the phone or even go out to buy groceries”

“I don’t know if I can pay the bills”

All of these stresses, worries and fears are actually pathways to freedom, wholeness, and love in Christ Jesus.

Don’t believe me?

“Stone her!” they cried.  

“Why?” he asked.

“She deserves death, the law demands it.”

“OK, you’re right.  BUT: you can do it on one condition: If you are sinless, you can end her life,” he required. 


“Is no one left to condemn you?” he questioned the woman, face down on the ground.

She stirred, looked up into his eyes, and met his compassion straight on.  “No,” her voice echoed in the empty street.

“Then I don’t condemn you either!” Jesus declared.

QUESTION: This woman faced stoning from an angry mob and Jesus saved her and then forgave her!  What do you think he can do in your life?

Do you think that woman was stressed out?  Do you think she was afraid?  Paralyzed even?  

Of course she was.  But she was in the BEST PLACE possible.

She had no idea how good it was.  It was God’s perfect plan to change her life forever.

He *gave* her life.  The quietness of that moment between them, the stillness in the street, she would never forget.

Join me in stillness before God.  He is merciful and forgiving.  When we DO NOTHING in his presence we gain Perspective, Freedom, Forgiveness, Peace, and Joy.  

What’s his plan for you?  I’ll admit, I don’t know.  But I DO know that he wants you to Be Still and Know That He Is God.  Don’t ask for anything.  Don’t expect anything.  Don’t DO anything.  Just sit in His presence and you’ll see… you see him move mountains.

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by: Dean Davis
Meditate On Christ Founder