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April 30th 2019


It is a great thing to see the end of this April 2019. As we all know, we will not see this month again except on the day of judgement when our deeds will be brought before the Lord to see if we lived it well or not. As we prepare to cross into a new month I will like us pray and spend time praising God for his goodness and love. It is written:

Sing to God, sing to his name.

Psalm 68:4

Sing a song to God for about 10- 15 minutes. And pray the following prayer.


– Pray and thanks God for all what he has done and for what he is yet to do.

– Lord, I give you all the glory for being my protection and guide.

– Father anything bad that followed me this April 2019, I pray you take it out by fire.

– O Lord redeem my life from any pit my enemies have set against me in Jesus name.

– Hear my cry O Lord and change what I cannot change in my life in Jesus name.

– As I cross into May open me uncommon doors in Jesus name.

– Lord, go before me this month and level every mountain hindering me in life.

– Lord restore all the broken places of my life in Jesus name.

-O Father I scatter by fire any evil trap my enemies have set against me in Jesus name.

– O Lord position me on the way of my blessings this month of May.

– By your name O Lord save me from all evil set against me.

– My trust is in you O Lord, bless me and make me a blessing to others, in Jesus name.

– Look down from heaven and put on the path my divine helpers.

– Father be my refuge and my strengtg throughout this month. 

– Give God thanks for all  his wonders in your life and family in Jesus name.

– King of Kings, I desire to do you will all my life. give me the grace to do so in Jesus name.

– O Lord open any close door in my life this month of May 2019.

– O Lord, fight for me and release me from the evil altars of my father and mother’s house in Jesus name.

– Father any garment of shame on me let it catch 🔥 before I cross in to may 2019.

– My Father keep me free from evil as I cross into the month of May and let your light shine on me.

– Free me O Lord from any evil foundation I in herited from my fathers and forefathers in Jesus name. Amen

– Give God thanks for all the good things he is holding for you in the month of may 2019.

– Father as I cross into the month of May let the plumb line fall for me in pleasant places in Jesus name. Amen.

– Give me the desire to study more your word in the month of may 2019.

– Pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. 

– Any future plan of the enemies to bring me down, I frustrate it by the blood of the Lamb in Jesus name. Amen

-Mighty God let the sun, the star and moon fight for in the month of may.

May the Lord grant all your request in the month of may 2019 in Jesus name. Welcome to the month of may. May this month be to the best of all your month in Jesus name. Amen.

Things to pray about and meditate on often not only this month or year but for many more months to come may this year you see your expectations met.