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The Bible doesn’t use this exact term, soul-tie.

Sex is a tridimensional experience: spirit, soul, and body. Anytime you have sex with a person you bond with them. 

A soul-tie is any unholy, ungodly attachment you have made willingly or unwittingly —or had forced upon you— with another person, whereby the union of this relationship has a negative, damaging influence over your mental, emotional and spiritual health, affecting also your physical health.

A soul-tie is first and foremost something that happens when you have a sexual relationship with someone. If it’s your spouse, that’s a holy soul-tie. But a soul-tie outside of the biblical bounds of marriage is ungodly. This would also include all pre-marital and extra-marital sexual touching and nakedness at any level. 

A few ways unhealthy soul ties can be formed also include:

· Abusive relationships (physically, sexually, emotionally, verbally)

· Adulterous affairs

· Sex before marriage

· Obsessive entanglements with a person (giving them more authority in your life than you give to God)

· Controlling relationships

The Bible also warns against entering ungodly relationships. “My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them. … do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths” (Proverbs 1:10, 15). This passage and others like it caution us against the wrong types of friends but stop short of describing any type of spiritual union of souls.

1 Corinthians 6:16, “He who joins himself to a harlot, becomes one body with her. For as it is written, ‘the two shall become one flesh.’”  Join and become one.Then Paul quotes Moses. He makes reference to the original wedding in the Garden of Eden to make the point that when two bodies come together sexually, they create a union of one flesh.

 Sexual behavior with anyone you are not married to creates an illicit, sexual soul-tie, a oneness not sanctioned by God. Thus, our term “soul-tie” is referring to this bonding and attachment of soul and body in the intimacy of sexual nakedness.

Soul ties are formed through close friendships, through vows, commitments and promises, and through physical intimacy. Not all soul ties are bad. God wants us to have healthy relationships that build us up, provide wisdom, and give godly counsel. God will strategically bring good relationships into our lives to form healthy soul ties. “When David had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own life” 1 Sam. 18:1 . In contrast, Satan always brings counterfeits into our lives to form unhealthy soul ties.

Understand that there are hundreds of other reasons why unhealthy soul ties take place, but I am simply trying to give you a few examples.

The Response.  In prayer, this sexual behavior and all emotional, secret imaginations (fantasies) should be renounced in the name of Jesus Christ.  The soul-tie should be verbally broken, and the oneness must be cancelled in the name of Jesus, and cast out of the mind.  Any secret fantasies should be renounced in His name, and cast from your mind.

Here is an effective prayer to break soul ties that have been made in your life. .

You can renounce and loose yourself from an ungodly soul tie by simply speaking something like this from your heart:

I humble myself before Your throne. You alone are worthy of our praise and worship. My whole life belongs to You Jesus and I wish to bring these things before Your Mighty throne now.

I speak now by the blood of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior to break off of me every connection that was made from each partner or violation. 

[I come to you know to confess the sin of ________(insert fornication or adultery or both) and address the soul tie that was created as a result of this sin. I seek to cut those cords now Lord. Let their sin belong to them and my sins belong to me.

Every attachment they have to me is now broken. Every cord is completely severed . 

 I have had relations with _______(insert the names of the people here; if you do not know list what you can and say the others You know Lord but I cannot say now) and these relations have caused soul ties to be made.  Lord break any and every soul tie including the ones I cannot remember or have locked away in my mind.

“I now renounce and loose myself from any soul ties formed between myself and ________, and I break these ungodly soul ties in Jesus/Yeshua’s name.”

Lord I ask that You send angels now to break every single cord and soul tie made as a result of past partners and violations. Send back the fragmented souls to each proper person and restore my soul Father.

Lord I repent of this sin and renounce it here and now. I will never do this again.


Soul-ties can also be created through other sexual behaviors, even without mutual consent. Rape, incest and molestation can create unwanted soul-ties. These kinds of sexual sin most often include the extra consequences of demonic presences. These soul-ties must be broken, too.

Further, completely apart from sex, there can be soul-ties that come from other manipulative, controlling relationships, where one person exerts an unnatural influence over another person. These unholy attachments must be severed if we are going to know the fullness of God in our lives

Soul ties are also created in other ways that do not have you at fault. Father above does understand this was of no fault to the victim and there is no sin to confess in this situation. None the less Soul ties are created when someone is raped or sexually abused in any way.

 These ties must also be broken

If these soul ties have been created due to rape or sexual abuse then pray this:

Lord break any and every soul tie including the ones I cannot remember or have locked away in my mind.

“I now renounce and loose myself from any soul ties formed between myself and ________, and I break these ungodly soul ties in Jesus/Yeshua’s name.”

Lord I ask that You send angels now to break every single cord and soul tie made as a result of past violations. I forgive them for what they did to me. Send back the fragmented souls to each proper person and restore my soul Father.

    I am bound no more to them in any way. By Your power Father I am loosed now from all of them in Jesus name. I thank You Lord, and only You can solve this matter. I praise You Lord and exalt Your Holy name. I ask these things in Jesus / Yeshua’s Mighty name Amen.

            The Next Thing. After renouncing the unhealthy bond, there will be an emptiness inside when this prayer work has been done. It might be felt later, later that night, later in a moment of loneliness. When you feel this emptiness in the soul, don’t be fooled by it.  It doesn’t mean that you made a mistake to cleanse this person from your heart. It is not some so-called permission to help yourself to more illicit soul-ties. 

As a Christian you can get your thoughts under the control of your reborn spirit. How? By speaking God’s Word out of your mouth every single time a negative thought enters your mind. Don’t just think it, speak it. It can be as simple as saying: “Thank You, Lord, that you restore my soul”… over and over and over. Be persistent. There’s nothing Satan hates more than to hear you speak the Word of God and the name of Jesus out of your mouth!

Oh, no. This emptiness is the loneliness in your soul that caused you to make the attachment (whether real or a fantasy) in the first place. This emptiness is from the lack of true attachment you have struggled to make in life.

            Lastly and On Going.  This emptiness must be filled. You fill it two ways. First, through intimacy with The Father. Your need is real, and it can be agonizing, even painful. You must come to the God of All Comfort and throw yourself in His lap in prayer, as you seek the healing presence of His love (2 Thess 3:5; 2 Cor 13:14; I Jn 3:1). Ask the Holy Spirit to direct the love of the Father to be poured into your heart. (Jn 14:16; Eph 3:15)

            This emptiness must be filled through appropriate, meaningful relationships with your spouse, your children, and other godly friends. Meaningful loving, connecting and bonding produce the joyful intimacy in the heart that heals this emptiness.

            You must continue to recognize the re-occurrence of this emptiness, this longing in your soul to be tied into another soul. It is a true longing, a true longing for intimacy. It is part and parcel of being made in the image of God; therefore, this true longing must be attended to with authentic, healthy relationships. Not with ungodly, sexual soul-ties.

By: Anonymous (a very good friend who wishes to not be known )