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  1Samuel 4:1-21, 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Are you beginning to go to where angels fear to go, are you yielding to your own thoughts or the leading of the the Holy Spirit?

Jesus said He would remove the “candlestick” if they did not repent. Clearly Scripture interprets this to mean that Jesus would remove His presence from the church of Ephesus. Did that mean He was about to write “Ichabod” above the door of the church?

The Spirit of God points us to the Word. The Word, Jesus said, is the truth. What we do with the truth is entirely up to us. We can choose to obey or to disobey.

Remember my friend, If you believe what you like in the gospel, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself. 

The church has decayed to a point where the world makes mockery of the church. The church has become worldly while the world has become churchy. These days, comedians on the Holy altar cracking jokes on the Holy things of God. What a dangerous combination where ministers fight each other with charms and yet call it ‘Holy ghost power’… “If you touch me by mistakes, you die by correction.” The decisions of rich members of the church supersedes the direction of the Holy Spirit, what an injury time, 2 Timothy 3:1-5?! 

 Ministers now teach on how to make money rather than how to be right with God, prosperity gospel everywhere….. ‘I’ll make it’, ’78 skills to make money’….. Covetousness. The Spirit of covetousness makes it look like God is wicked when our selfish needs are not met. The word of God is complete and any gospel that teaches one side of the gospel is not a balanced diet….. Little wonder the church suffers from kwashiorkor. 

 We’re more after titles and not  the responsibilities. Church order and hierarchy is being politicked by members. The church now is more life a family business. A minister who is supposed to take care of the sheep commits adultery and fornication with the sheep. A minister is not accountable to the church’s funds. The church now ordains gay ministers and also officiate gay union. Revival now is a medium to raise funds and not to uplift the body of Christ. 

We tell lies because of positions and authorities forgetting our authority as believers. Brothers and sisters are unthankful, boastful, betrayals here and there. When we pray we make decrees and declaration to God… “Commanding Him by fire by force.” a brother is afraid of a  brother’s hand shake because of being charmed or  hypnotised. A sister rejects  to eat from a sister’s meal because she’s afraid of being poisoned. The bible study is clouded with gossip no word knowledge. We lay emphasis on what our ministers say than what the bible says. Fornication and adultery is a norm in the body of Christ, brothers and sisters cohabiting. You grant a loan to a brother, and when it’s time to pay back he threatens you with ‘die by fire’. The church’s choir isn’t different from a disco hall…. They sing now to market flesh and glorify demons. 

When you stand against falsehood you become a rebel, they say you’re judgmental. Or they call you old-school, but the good thing is no matter the time and season, God’s standard of truth and holiness will never change. Rejoice when the curse you. (Romans 12:14, Psalm 109:28.) Brethren, don’t let any doctrine take your crown, let no sin nor things of the world take your crown. We’re living the  Perilous time….. Season of apostasy. 

When we stand before the throne all the things we did in the flesh will burn like wood and hay. Only those things that were done when we were led by the Spirit will count. Remember you’re a carrier of God’s glory and you’re to bring His divine presence to your world. It is all about getting the right perspective, now. Before it is too late.

I would pray that every Christian would sincerely ask God for His perspective of where we are and what we are doing. Don’t rely upon the praises of man or the fear of man as a spiritual barometer. God bless you 🤝🙏