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Disciples For Christ was created to give Father God glory for His most amazing gift ever given Jesus Christ His Son

About Disciples For Christ

He paid a price we could not pay. For that reason I share my faith with you in the form of this blog in hopes something may be said to inspire you to also walk with Christ in your daily life and to become a follower of Jesus a true disciple.

Faith Comes By Hearing

Disciples For Christ created to give God Glory for His gift of His Son Jesus Christ, dedicated to honoring God by making disciples (followers) that will worship Him in spirit and in truth

I am just a grateful and humble servant of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As you read these post do so with a open mindset with the Holy Spirit as you guide. These post are not design to take nothing away or add to God’s written word and if anything my hope it forces you to study God’s Word more deeply.

May God be glorified thru His Son Jesus Christ in all that is said and done here.