The Father says today, above all weep no more my beloved, for I have prevailed in the battle for your deliverance. You will now walk in a kind of liberty that you have not experienced before.

The enemy laid a claim to your soul by some illegitimate means, of which you were unaware. You were blindsided by this, and hence the incessant battles and contentions for your soul and destiny. I have overruled him and your soul now escapes his clutches like a bird out of a cage, says God.

All things considered you are mine, and I formed you in my image and likeness and breathed into you the breath of life, you will now experience the God kind of life, says the Father.

My beloved, as a matter of fact the seal for the next step of your life is now broken for me to wipe the slate clean and give you a fresh start. It will be like nothing ever happened. I will renew your youth, and you will have a new zeal for kingdom businesses.

Come and let’s reason together and I will execute my plan for you because I promised to restore your fortunes and make all things new, says God. Come and engage me in worship and I will whisper things to you.

I am the still small voice between your ears, showing you the way and the pathway. This is the right way to the new day,  a day that burns like an oven, where all things are bright and beautiful, says the Father.

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