Thank You for the faith to believe in You for the things that I can’t yet see.

Faith is simply having confidence for what you hope for. In the U.S, we have insurance. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars during our lifetime to be prepared for what might happen. God doesn’t give us insurance.

He gives us assurance and all He is asking us to do is to have confidence in what we are hoping and praying for. What are you unsure of today?

Just maybe it’s faith that your marriage will be filled with passion again. Maybe it’s faith that your children will serve God. Albeit maybe its faith to believe God will help you in school.

All in all you just need faith just to believe that God loves you and has a plan for your life.

Prayer – God, I thank You today for giving me the faith to believe You- to believe in the things that I cannot see.

I confess that I have doubted and even given up in certain areas of my life. Today, I ask that You stir up a mountain-moving faith in my heart.

Let faith rise up with in me to walk in that confident assurance that You are moving in big ways on my behalf. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Now Faith
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